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Entity Framework quick start

Microsoft’s Entity Framework has been around a while, but with it’s latest incarnation it is really shaping up nicely. I’ve been enjoying the ‘code first’ approach in version 4.1 of the framework. This allows you start your application design from POCOs, allowing the framework to infer the database design for you.

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Wolf CMS Related Pages plugin

For many small projects I've been using Wolf CMS. a really nice and fairly lightweight application for managing content. What I like about it is that the core code is quite minimal, but allows you to extend using plugins.

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W3C validation of ASP.Net output

A while ago I had to make certain that a CMS driven site built in .Net met some validation criteria. Specifically the XHTML markup. Running it by the W3C validator service, the markup always failed.

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Tridion Business Connector client

A bit of a niche entry this one. Will only be of interest to those who use Tridion, one of the more 'heavyweight' CMS solutions.

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Happy Christmas

I've finally got some time off from work. Not managed to update the blog for a few months, which is a shame, because I quite enjoy doing it. I've also had a few emails from satisfied customers. Some of you out there actually take the time to post feedback. Much appreciated. Though I had to code a spam filter for naughty stuff that had been submitted. Thankfully I now don't have to go into the database, and bulk delete entries.

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