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Using the Zend framework Lucene library

I know, only a few articles in, so I don't really need a site search function. But you never know, I might actually keep writing (even if no-one is reading) and so I've been looking around for some solutions.

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JavaScript event delegation

As I've mentioned previously I'm creating a dashboard to represent the components in the exchange that I work for. Each component widget on the page has a number of events associated with it. This has become less manageable, the more I add. So I thought about using one delegate to handle all events, and pass on a component reference, and parameters to other functions.

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Consume .Net Web service using jQuery

The JavaScript functionality that is injected into .Net pages seems limited when compared to jQuery. Whilst looking for a way to use jQuery instead of the stock Microsoft client library, I came across an excellent article.

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CodeIgniter and Ajax

I've been asked to create a dashboard for many devices across our network. To display real-time information on each component, I'm thinking of using Web services, and AJAX. Like most aspects of coding, using a framework to do all the heavy lifting, rather than developing your own, is a sensible approach. So today I took a look at jQuery, a JavaScript framework. I have to admit, I'm pretty impressed. It did not take me long to come up with some example code, that degrades well when JavaScript is disabled in the browser.

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Evening all. This is the first post of what is sure to be many. Well, I say many, as I suspect I'll get bored with my new toy at some point.

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