How to generate redirects in Gridsome

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I've switched this site from a hosted Wordpress solution, to a static site generated by Gridsome. Here's a brief word on creating redirects for the old post URLs.

This build uses the @gridsome/source-filesystem to import the content from a set of Markdown files. Each file exists as a page on this site, for example:

In the site's previous incarnation they would be found on:

I doubt anyone would have bookmarked any, but it would be nice to retain the old URLs, and redirect to the appropriate pages. Many hosts provide a mechanism to administer redirects. I'm using Github Pages, which doesn't if you're not using Jekyll. If you are, this might be useful.

So for each post, we need to render an additional file for the old URL. This requires an amendment to the gridsome.config.js configuration. For a Post type this involves switching to an array of config objects. In this case, I've added an additional configuration for the redirect:

module.exports = {
  templates: {
    Post: [
        path: '/:title'
        name: 'redirects',
        path: '/article/display/:title',
        component: './src/templates/Redirect.vue'
    Tag: '/tag/:id'

If you look at the component property I've added a template for the rendered file. It's a minimal template designed to output the appropriate meta tag to perform the redirect:


export default {
  metaInfo() {
    return {
        title: `Redirecting to ${this.$}`,
        meta: [
            { 'http-equiv': 'refresh', content: `0; URL=${this.$}`}
        link: [
            { rel: 'canonical', href: `${this.$}` }

query Redirect ($id: ID!) {
  post: post (id: $id) {

Now, when we run a build, two files are generated for each post. One for the post itself, and one for the redirect.

I'm new to the framework, so if anyone knows of a better way to achieve this, please let me know.

I guess I could do something on the 404 page to check for the /display/article slug, and redirect. That would involve JavaScript, so this felt like a better solution.