Create Episerver Find index using Puppeteer

Currently working with many clients who utilise Episerver CMS to managed their content. Almost all of then use Episerver Find to index content.

Episerver do not provide an API to automate the creation of new indices. As I was messing around with Puppeteer and headless Chrome, I thought I’d knock up a tool to do this. You can find the code in my Github repo.

Using your favourite shell, clone the repo:

git clone
cd create-episerver-find-index

Install dependencies:

npm install

You'll need to create a developer account for Find. Once this is done, you can create an index with the following:

node createindex.js --username [username] --password [password] --indexname [indexname]

The script returns the configuration for the newly created index, or an existing index if it already exists.

Ultimately I hope to use something like this within a continuous integration, or deployment pipeline, to make certain a valid index is available for the application.

Hope this helps someone.