Evening all. This is the first post of what is sure to be many. Well, I say many, as I suspect I'll get bored with my new toy at some point.

The main point of this site has been completed. I've stumbled upon one of the best lightweight frameworks I have ever used, and decided to build an application.

The framework is CodeIgniter. It uses the MVC design pattern methodology.

What I like about it, is that it is a little more pragmatic than most of the frameworks available. For example, this application is fairly trivial, and consists of 3-4 controller classes. It does not use any models, as I knocked it up fairly quickly. Each class does very little unique, as most of the work is carried out by the parent class, which itself, extends the CodeIgniter base controller.

CodeIgniter is written in PHP, which is not a language I generally use in my day job. Most Web applications I build these days are in ASP.Net. I also (still) construct back-end data-mining applications in Perl. Just cannot seem to move away from Perl, as every company I work for seems to still use it. Not bad for a so-called ‘dead' language.

Other than that, I'm a big fan of Linux. Something I keep quiet down the pub. Ubuntu is my distribution of choice. It does, indeed, just work. At least it does for me. Despite this, I'm not particularly polarised against Microsoft. Different strokes etc.

I'll probably post various malarky on a variety of subjects. I don't expect anyone to be that interested. In fact think of this a note to myself. A place to retain useful information.

So if you happen upon this site, and would like to contribute, nothing would please me more. Correct me where I'm going wrong. Offer to write a post. Direct me to interesting resources. Or write, appalled at the spelling and grammar. I can take it, and it would be nice to know someone is actually reading this.