W3C validation of ASP.Net output

A while ago I had to make certain that a CMS driven site built in .Net met some validation criteria.  Specifically the XHTML markup.  Running it by the W3C validator service, the markup always failed.

I fixed the obvious within the web.config.  For example, the following is needed to force the application to render XHTML:

	<system .web>
		<xhtmlconformance mode="Strict"></xhtmlconformance>

If I painfully cut and pasted the HTML into the Validator’s form field, it passed.  The problem is, is that the service is not recognised by the Web server, and so a helper file in the application is required.
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Perl, Tridion

Tridion Business Connector client

A bit of a niche entry this one. Will only be of interest to those who use Tridion, one of the more ‘heavyweight’ CMS solutions.

I generally have a number of repetitive tasks that are extremely tedious to accomplish using the browser based GUI. So I constructed a simple command line tool that allows me to script tasks using a SOAP interface known as the Tridion Business Connector.

The client takes the following arguments:

bcclient.exe /h [hostname] /u [user] /p [password] /d [domain] /x "[request XML]"

Why did I build this? Very useful when called via scripting tools. In my case, Perl.
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Happy Christmas

I’ve finally got some time off from work. Not managed to update the blog for a few months, which is a shame, because I quite enjoy doing it. I’ve also had a few emails from satisfied customers. Some of you out there actually take the time to post feedback. Much appreciated. Though I had to code a spam filter for naughty stuff that had been submitted. Thankfully I now don’t have to go into the database, and bulk delete entries.

Now that I’ve got the time, I’m going to start writing again. I start work again in the new year, and I’m looking forward to it. As things never stand still in development, it’ll be time to pick up a few books, and gain some new skills.

More Content Management integration coming up for me next year (Tridion, possibly Immediacy), and more ASP.Net work. Also going to brush up on my jQuery, and CodeIgniter knowledge. Really would like to do more Open Source based project work, as I’ve been mainly using proprietary applications during the pass few months. With the economy lower than a fat kids self esteem, I can’t be choosy, just glad to be working.

Have a great Christmas, and I’ll see you a few pounds heavier in the new year.


Validation groups in .Net

Evening all. Not posted in a while as I’ve plenty going on in the ‘real’ world. Anyway, last week I was building a search form whereby you could either search by reference code, or by using full search criteria.

The problem I had is that both search ‘forms’ existed on one Web Form, and I was using Validation controls to check each. So when using either submit button, both search groups were validated together. Not useful when I wanted to submit each set of controls independently of each other. So there I was, coding to disable either set of validation controls when a submit button is clicked.

“Validation groups!” I hear you cry. Yes, I know that now.
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Codeigniter, PHP

Using the Zend framework Lucene library – Part 2

Note: Since this article was written I’ve moved to WordPress, and have not implemented the example code listed below.

In a previous article I talked about using a library from the Zend framework to create a site search.  As you try out this functionality using the search box, above right.

I never finished the article, so I’ll explain here how I implemented this using CodeIgniter.  I’ll also detail how I built the ‘quick results’ tool (click in the search box).
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