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Tridion Business Connector client

A bit of a niche entry this one. Will only be of interest to those who use Tridion, one of the more ‘heavyweight’ CMS solutions.

I generally have a number of repetitive tasks that are extremely tedious to accomplish using the browser based GUI. So I constructed a simple command line tool that allows me to script tasks using a SOAP interface known as the Tridion Business Connector.

The client takes the following arguments:

bcclient.exe /h [hostname] /u [user] /p [password] /d [domain] /x "[request XML]"

Why did I build this? Very useful when called via scripting tools. In my case, Perl.

A simple Perl script that will return the XML for a Tridion Component would look something like this:

use strict;

my $requestXML = q{
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
<tcmapi:Message version="5.0" from="AndyRowlandSoapClient" failOnError="true" xmlns:tcmapi="">
<tcmapi:Request ID="GetItemRequest" preserve="true">
<tcmapi:GetItem itemURI="tcm:12-345" />

$requestXML =~ s/"/\\"/g;

my $responseXML = `bcclient.exe /h MyTCMHost /u andyrowland /p mypassword /d MYDOMAIN /x "$requestXML"`;

print $responseXML;

We could add a layer of abstraction, and wrap up the SOAP call within a subroutine, something like:

sub make_request {
my $messageXML = shift;
my $requestXML = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?><tcmapi:Message version="5.0" from="AndyRowlandsSoapClient" failOnError="true" xmlns:tcmapi="">' . $messageXML . '</tcmapi:Message>';

$requestXML =~ s/"/\\"/g;

my $responseXML = `bcclient.exe /h MyTCMHost /u andyrowland /p mypassword /d MYDOMAIN /x "$requestXML"`;

return XML::Simple::XMLin($responseXML);

Note the use the module XML::Simple to convert the response XML into a Perl data structure.

We can then create a succession of subroutines to perform a variery of routine tasks. To get a Tridion item:

sub get_item {
my $URI = shift;

my $messageXML = qq{
<tcmapi:Request ID="GetItemRequest" preserve="true">
<tcmapi:GetItem itemURI="$URI" />

my $ref = make_request($messageXML);

if ($ref->{'tcmapi:Response'}{'success'} eq 'true'){
return $ref;
} else {
die "ERROR: Could not get item $URI";

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